Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Painting Accepted At A Show

I have avoided submitting work to competitions for so many years for no better reason than I'm a chicken. Its so easy for me to think about everything that is wrong with the piece and either the corrections I need to make or all the learning I still need to do.
So I had to ignore the things I kept telling myself and just submit give it a try.

I submitted one piece to the Salmangundi Club's annual non-member show and I was happily surprised to have the piece accepted. It doesn't matter that it didn't win anything, I was happy to see it up on the wall alongside a lot of really wonderful art.

Having the work accepted encouraged me to look around at where else I can submit my work, so my chicken attitude is beginning to disappear. Hopefully.

The experience is also helping me to reconsider what I would send to a competition next time around. For one thing the painting was so small it was dwarfed by the other works around it. Next time I will send something that will have a better chance of being noticed. I also think I need to consider painting something that involves a bit more than a portrait, (although there were other portraits in the show), this is more of a growing decision than a showing decision. I need to push myself to  make more ambitious paintings that challenge me in areas I haven't really touched yet like a painting with  multiple figures or more involving perspective.

In the photo on the left you can see how my little painting was dwarfed by the pieces around it.

 The challenge for me right now is to do something more than that quick thing like these two piece on the right and below. Both were done because of the necessity I feel to make time to paint daily. I do this in the hopes that at some point a great idea would come to me and then the challenge would be carrying the enthusiasm to the end.

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