Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping My Hand Moving/ Trying To Sketch Everyday

Every now and then I sift through the photos I've taken. I may select one that's not all that clear, a little blurry maybe. I 'm just looking for something to paint in the early morning when I've just gotten up or late at night before I turn in. At other times I've taken photos more deliberately, intending to use them latter. 

The painting on the left was from a very blurry photo I had taken in the park. The woman actually walked into the shot I was taking so she was a small part of the over all photo. The trees and shadows were an afterthought. I used a combination of photos and imagination.

The painting bellow it is of my wife. It was done from a photo I took when we were at City Island in the Bronx. I was painting something else at the time but I used the camera when I saw something that I felt would be interesting to do later.

At home when there is some time to paint and no one is available to pose for me these photos come in handy.

The other two sketches are from my time at battery park .I prefer to work this way, from direct observation but I'm grateful for the photos when there is no one available to pose.

All of these were done in my sketch book and all have the same purpose, to keep my hand moving so that when I have the time to do something I really want to paint I can approach it with a bit more confidence than I would've had If I had not taken the time to practice my craft daily.

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