Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Struggling With Watercolor

One of the things that is bothering me about my outdoors watercolor is that there doesn't seem to be any place to rest ones eyes. They seem to be about to many things and I think I need to see about toning down all that green. I need to really look at the shapes and values and make them more simple.
In one way I look at these and say to myself I tried all I knew and it doesn't look good, that can be disheartening. On the other hand I'm glad that I have an idea of what I need to change.
I have not visited the museum for some time. It would be a good  idea to spend some time looking at some paintings at the Met.

Both these paintings were done from the same spot. Both were fun to do but the resulting paintings were a bit of a let down. Well, if anything I look forward to going out to paint again being conscious of the changes I need to make to my picture making approach.

Small sketch I did today during my lunch hour. I'll be back to
visit this spot looking to see how I can paint this keeping things
simple. Hopefully the weather will be nice again tomorrow.


  1. Before I read your own critique, I thought it was quite nice the painting. Especially for a watercolour.
    I find watercolours often too "light" But when I read your own comment, I started to look at it a bit different.
    Maybe because here in New Zealand the green can be really intense.

    What do you do outside your painting? That is because you have so little time to paint?

  2. Dineke, Thank you for commenting. I work a 9 to 5, (with some overtime), operating a digital press for a non-profit organization. I also occasionally get illustration work. My family, (wife and two children), live on my paycheck which is just barely enough to cover expenses living in New York City. There are many challenges with in the family that call for time and money, (one son is autistic and goes to a school for children with special needs the other I put through private school to avoid gang elements in some of our public schools). A lot of what takes up time is just life. I work because I have to bring in money, I come home and family takes up my time,(there is more that has to do with illness and would not go into here). Life has taken a lot of turns and continues to do so but always I try to paint and continue working.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I definitely know what you are talking about. It is very hard to have an autistic child. I will give you a link to a great video trailer about what those kids actually can do. Do you know about the autistic group at linked in. You probably do.
    I think the hardest part in the family is for the person who is having the pressure of supplying, which often is the man.I don't envy you, but what I do know is that the Law of Attraction has taught me a lot. I have not been in a situation like yours, that does not mean I don't know.
    Starting to think about: what you think about, you bring about. If you are in a place of negative, that is the hardest place to be in to actually think different. But reading about it gives you lots of insights. The best time to that is when you are feeling your best when doing your art work.
    Anyway here is the link to the :Kids with Camera's;


  4. Hello there, I am certainly not a famous artist, but I have done a lot of watercolors. I like your paintings. Maybe lighter tones in the trees would draw the eyes more. Still, I like yours.