Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sketching On Rainy Days.

Been a rainy week so far, and I'm looking foward to painting more outdoors. I want to do more than spend my lunch hour sketching in the park, but that kind of time is going to have to wait for the weekend and some scheduled days off in the second week of June, (City Island in the Bronx is calling me, look foward to painting there).

Till then I'm going to have to satisfy my self with those lunch brakes and these sketches I've made from a combination of old sketches, (top left), and photo refrence I took at the scene. The result being  the painting at left.

Because of the rain I was not able to go out to the park for my lunch break, so again I relied on some photorefrence I had of my Mom, (I'm able to close the door of the printroom I run and have my lunch undisturbed).

 There are other paintings I need to get back to but I confess that my enthusiasim tappered off a bit. I'm hoping that as I keep on painting I'll be able to wake up that entusiasim again.

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