Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sketching / Keeping Busy

I have one hour to sketch during my lunch brake. I run to Battery park and try to find a quiet spot with something interesting to paint. There's a building there that is being renovated that I think has a lot of character. The first day I went to sketch it, (left), I forgot to bring my pencil so I sketched it in watercolor with no preliminary drawing. One hour was not enough time so I thought I would come back again, (with a pencil). The next day it was a lot cooler and very windy. The wind nearly blew my sketch book out of my hand. I had to fight to get something on paper. I did as best I could and I touched it up latter with opaque water color. I was not satisfied. The next day it rained, the day after that I was out there again. The resulting painting was better but I'm still not happy. I'll be back.

This was the second sketch I did. I took some photos so that I can add to it when I got back home but I didn't want to try not to lose the feeling that this was sketched out doors. I wasn't happy with it.

I went back again. I feel better about this one but I'm still not satisfied. I don't think its the subject but the way I'm using the medium. I'm looking at this as a way to define what I want my watercolors to look like. As a result I come home to my books I've purchased over the years to look at the watercolors of David Levine, John Singer Sargent,  Winslow Homer, Dean Mitchell, Joseph Zbukvic to see what I can learn from the painters I admire.

I'm sure I can blame my dissatisfaction at the drawing of the subject as well or maybe just not thinking out ahead of time how the subject sits on the page. Either way, more reason to continue to try and solve this, there is so much for me to learn from the experience and I still find the subject interesting.

I also had time this week to keep busy either sketching myself or people on the train or from my imagination. It was really about trying to do something everyday till I can get back to the painting of my son I was working on last week. The only real time I have for those oils is the weekend- so that's what I'm going to do after I finish here.


  1. Nice Stuff Gil....the out door observation remind me of Edward Hopper a lot. I am so inspired. The Portrait is a "tour de force". You are so in the "zone" Buddy!

  2. Alejandro BonillaMay 8, 2011 at 2:05 AM

    Gil,I'm Mr "Anonymous"! Alejandro Bonilla.