Painting Through A Tuff Week

There were so many distractions this week it was difficult to keep up with some of the projects I started the week before. Family came first so what work I could complete were a couple of sketches in the park and the self portrait in gouache at left which I stayed up late into the night to do. I'm thankful for that lunch break I spend in the park almost everyday, weather permitting.
No matter whats going on I try to continue to work on something. To take the time to do what is a big part of who I am. I don't know why but painting outdoors always makes me feel better for the experience. whether what I do turns out good or bad the experience of painting outdoors is always is a calming experience. The only difficulty being that I need to avoid calling attention to myself, it really is a private time for me, a chance to get away and be me.


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