Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Subway Drawings

Another batch of subway sketches. I have been riding the New York City subways for so long and like any one that has ridden the subways for any length of time have seen many things. I've seen a man get tackled by a passenger because he snatched a woman's chain off her neck, (I latter found out that the man who did the tackling was a friend of mine. He held the man there till the police arrived to arrest the chain snatcher). A man walked up to me very early one morning angrily complaining that while he fell a sleep on the train someone had stolen one show from him. He couldn't understand why only one show was taken. When he finished telling me his story he turned around and limped away.
Another time I was coming home late from work, having done overtime. I sat in a fairly crowded car. At some point four to five young men walked in from one of the other cars, they wore hoods and their lower face's were covered with handkerchiefs. They stood at the front middle and end of the car blocking the doors. Everyone in that car understood that something was about to happen, but before anything could the train pulled in to the next station, the doors open up and everyone exited the car. The train pulled away with only those four or five masked young men in the car.

Those are some of the lighter stories I have. I have seen arguments, fist fights, and people crying openly. 
When I sketch the people on these trains I hope that the drawing doesn't just look like a man reading a newspaper or listening to his Ipod, or a woman reading a book. I hope that some individual character comes out to give a sense of life beyond the drawing.


  1. I love the woman there is so much character, I can feel the heaviness I can understand there's a back story somewhere I can imagine her living her life. Such an amazing sketch.

  2. Great work! I am part of a group on linkedin Art Lovers & Artistic Creations and thought I would check out your work. I like your work!

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  4. Essy, Artist's6 and Anonymous, Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it.