Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Recent Illustration Assignment

The finished Illustration minus the beards.
Recently I completed an illustration for Guide Magazine. A christian magazine for children . The story they wanted me to illustrate took place in the old testament, I thought this would be fun because of all those years of collecting Savage Sword of Conan magazine I could draw upon that and make a fun illustration.
Here is the description of the what the Art Director wanted me to illustrate:

"Through the keyhole" closeup of the two men, Balak  king of Moab and Balaam, looking slyly at each other. Faces only-
mainly their eyes and mouths are visible, with a sinister/devious look. Dramatic lighting from underneath. The view doesn't have to be through an actual keyhole, but should give the idea that you are looking in on their plotting. The faces should be appropriate to Bible times (Semitic/Middle Eastern look), but it doesn't need to be obvious that they are in Bible times attire.

The comp left was done after I was asked to take the beards off the the characters to make it less obvious that they were biblical characters. Looking back at the description I realized I totally missed the dramatic light from underneath part, which I wish I didn't because that would have added to the illustration. No harm seeing that the Art Director didn't mind.

In the earlier comps I was trying to recapture some of the flavor of the type of drawings done for the Conan magazines by John Buscema ,(like the ones done for Savage Sword issues 16-19). I don't know if those turbans looked right though, or that anyone in that region wore them at that time. You see them so much in old master biblical paintings but I left them out eventually.

Here I was asked to do a close up of the two characters. They still had beards which I was asked to remove as explained above.


This is the final Illustration. I got an email
asking me to but the beards back,
which I was happy to do because
I thought the illustration looked
 better with it

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