Saturday, April 9, 2011

How I Paint A Caricature

Got to get back to the oil painting I started last weekend. I was side tracked by an illustration assignment and an interview I watched with Donald Trump. In it he all but declared that he would run for president. The interview gave me the idea for this caricature and I spent the day working on it. While I worked on it I took some screen shots to show the progression. The painting was done in Photosop but I scanned in and used the mixed media drawing on the left as an under drawing.

The drawing was scanned at 600dpi

I created a layer that worked as a palette where i placed some color that I would use on the painting. I would simply select the color with the dropper. I might modify it by making it grayer, (cooler), lighter, darker, etc. I also created another layer at about 45% opacity where I would build the painting slowly.

I try not to have too many layers. I usually work on one and when I 'm satisfied with it I merge the layer with the one underneath and create another, reduce the opacity,(45-60%), and add color like I would add glazes in an oil painting.

 I continue to work down refining and correcting as I go along, also adding a background color.

The finished piece.


  1. thought I posted a comment but see 0 comments. This is a great way to see just how a character becomes a charicature. And to make him a baby is the perfect touch.

  2. This was in interesting breakdown of your work flow. I like it alot because it shows your background in traditional techniques.

    Angel Acevedo

  3. I'm glad I was able to find your page. Any number of sites are using your amazing illustration without attribution, which, as a commercial artist myself, pisses me off.