Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspiration - Getting An Idea

   I hate it when I don't have an idea as to what to work on. Most times I continue to sketch daily until an idea comes to me. Other times I would pick up a book and sketch out images from the story.
The surest way I know to get an idea is to keep drawing and keep observing and life will reveal something that will inspire me. On one particular day my wife came home from having her hair done and upon seeing her I wanted to do a number of portraits of her, one in profile, another a three quarter view and the last I would paint head on. These drawings I started as warm ups. The problem I have to solve now is (1) to find the time,(even worse than not having an idea is having one and not having the time to turn it into a painting before the inspiration goes away), and (2) not let my interest wane.

 The drawing on the left is obviously the same pose as the one above it. Initially I was dissatisfied with the drawing and began the one above, but after finishing that one I returned to the first drawing and began to make corrections and felt better about the drawing.

This last drawing I did on toned paper I included touches of gouache so I can indicate the difference in the light on the right and left of her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Muse

My wife looks over my shoulder from time to time when I am painting or on the computer. One time I was looking through a folder on my computer where I save my work, looking at the thumbnails my wife jokingly remarked,"I guess I'm your muse".
There were at least 15-20 images of paintings I've done of her.
The next easiest model other than my self has been my wife. She is almost always ready and willing to sit for a painting or strike a pose. Unlike our kids I don't always need to rely on a photograph because she has the patience to sit still and I never get tired of painting her.
It helps to have someone who is supportive, (even though she’s not crazy about my dinosaur stuff), and understands that this, (art), is something I do because it’s a part of me I can’t ignore.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Few Illustration's I've Done

Yesterday I got a packet from the Review and Herald. In it were two issues of Guide Magazine which contain several illustrations I had done for them. It was very nice to see the illustrations published.
I don’t get to do many illustrations, but every now and then I do get an assignment. Not enough to make a living off of yet, though I’m glad that I get repeat business.

This was the illustration used for the above cover of the
March 2011 issue of the magazine. It was also used as a
chapter illustration in the magazine.

Chapter Illustration for the same story above, 'Not Forgotten',
by Patti Emanuele.

This was one of my first illustration assignments.
Done for Bloomberg Market Magazine.

Another caricature for Bloomberg Market

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Doodles, Pen and Ink

More doodles because life has got me to busy to do anything else right now. Wish I had time to do something more than these sketches . At least it keeps me warmed up for when I do get the time to work.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doodling and Sketching “Cause There’s not Enough Time To Do Anything Else.

I don’t know if there’s a difference between doodling and sketching . If there is a difference I’m sure its what ever one chooses to apply to it. To me Its drawing what ever I can because I don’t have enough free time to do what I want, or maybe its having fun with the time that I have. Some doodles are more elaborate than others, some are made because I wanted to try out a new brush, pen or pencil, ink or watercolors. There are times where I take these doodles and continue to work them up, sometimes making a more finished work. Sometimes I do them on my lunch break, sometimes I do them when I should be working. Other times I take my sketchbook to bed and make a few doodles before I fall asleep. If I cant do anything else that day or even if I did manage to paint that day this is still what I do everyday.

This guy shows up a lot.
 At one time I was thinking of doing a comic book
out of Henry V by Shakespeare. This is
the narrator, chorus.