Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting In Gouache 2

A couple of posts ago I gave a very brief history about the history of gouache and also posted a few images showing a work in progress. I'll mention the materials use here for one reason. Although the use of the medium dates back to the middle ages and has been used in outstanding works of art by artist from the renaissance to the present, there are people who confuse it with poster colors or some cheap student grade paints.
There are many quality brands sold in art supply stores. It is either sold as Designers gouache or artist gouache, read the labels for information about light-fastness so that you do not purchase any fugitive colors. I use mostly Windsor and Newton Designers Gouache and Holbein Gouache, (not Acryla Gouache). I make it a habit of reading the label before I purchase the colors.
The brushes are the same brushes I use for watercolor. Another habit I have is to pick up some brushes every now and then from the art supply store. I have a bunch of sable, squirrel and synthetic brushes that I use for both gouache and transparent watercolor.
Paper has become very important. I use a heavy weight rag paper with a slight tooth. A lot of people like bristol board or illustration board, but for me the paint can lift off those surfaces as you continue to layer the colors. I prefer paper that holds the paint better like hot press watercolor paper or a rag drawing paper.

The painting on the left was done on a Canson Mix Media 98lb. paper. The surface seemed to absorb that first layer of paint and allow for the next layers to either lay on top or be mixed with the color underneath. This made it easy for me to smooth out the transitions by either mixing the paint on the surface or dry brushing over the previous layer. That is pretty much the way I like to work in this medium. The gentleman is a coworker of mine who wore the African outfit as a part of a Black History month celebration on my job.


This painting of my son was painted in the same
way as described above.

The following are some sites I have found on gouache.

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