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I’ve been playing around with videos lately. Creating an animatic, playing with animation, compiling video presentations of my work and doing demonstrations of digital work. Here is some of the stuff I’ve created and posted and something new as well.

Masque of the Red Death Part 1 bellow;

"Outta' My Head', Drawing from Imagination

When I paint or draw I enjoy it most when I am drawing from nature, be it outdoors or painting from a model posed before me. Not so much for the end product but because the experience of it is so enjoyable. There is also the occasion where there is no model available, ( and you can do only so many self portraits ), so I turn to my imagination. I still do like to work this way but I think when I do I am applying what I learned from observation, ( exaggerating and cartooning as well as trying to make it appear as if it exists in the real world ), and when I work from life I am still learning and I like being the student better.

So in my head there is this world that exist peopled by characters from comic books, movies and literature, and then there’s dinosaurs and memory drawings and just doodles that have all kind of reasons for being. It can be fun and it keeps my hand moving.

Painting Trees

A while back I did a watercolor of a tree. It was a tree in my neighborhood that caught my attention, (actually I love trees, I think they all have their own character, they are living things and have a history and are almost always interesting to paint- like people). When I finished it I posted it on line and I remember someone remarking that they thought the painting was nice but trees are a boring subject, my wife agreed saying the tree was nice but people want to see scenery and not just a painting of a tree. I understood her comment to reflect what she and some others would enjoy in a painting, but at the same time I felt that maybe I just failed to communicate what made that tree interesting to me.
I continue to draw trees in my sketchbook and I try to show why I think they are interesting, it’s the same approach I use to sketching people in the subway, I consciously search for some hint of character that would make the drawing interesting. Best thing about trees is that they d…

A Shared Humanity

I had a discussion with my wife recently about art. We talked about drawing people and how I said that I try looking for some spark of character that will make the drawing interesting. “ What character do you see and admire in the people you draw?”, she asked.
“Well, I don’t look for a particular character”, I responded. So she asks again, “But what is the character you admire in people that you like to draw?” At this I respond by telling her that I don’t consciously look for a particular character but that I try to get across with pencil and paper or with paint something so familiar that it becomes more than a drawing. By character I mean , (when it comes to people), something that we recognize in the drawing then in ourselves, something in common, a shared humanity, a memory. It needn’t be noble or mean, just honest.
When I observe people on the subway, searching for someone to draw, I may wonder what their life story is. Do they have a family, wife and children, that their going ho…

My Many Sketchbooks