Don't Run Graphics Apps On Minimum Requirements

Not to long ago I upgraded my computer. It was not able to run some of the graphics smoothly although my computer met the minimal requirements when I purchased them. Some worked better than others but I also ran an recording software to record the progress of my painting and this slowed down the computer even more.

At first I upgraded windows to 10. That helped for a for some programs but others like Rebelle required more from my computer. So I upgraded my CPU from an i5 to an i7, I put in a new graphics card (NVIDIA series 10) and finally added 8 more gigabytes to my RAM bringing it to a total of 16 gigabytes.

This all seemed to have done the trick and with my computer up to speed I am able to run my programs without any hiccups.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel in which I am working on Rebelle 3 with a lot more freedom then I had previously.

How My Sketchbook Improved My Drawing

Starting in May of 2018 I made a commitment to keeping a schedule of sketching/painting daily. I worked a 9 to 5 and on my lunch hour I would close the door to the room I worked in and began to sketch. At the same time I may or may not have sketched early in the morning before coming to work and late in the evening when I got home but that hour was always dedicated and set apart for sketching. I kept to that schedule like a religion. They were just doodles at first. Mostly from imagination. Then after awhile I started to collect reference photos either taken by myself or purchased online. I also looked around for websites that had royalty free photos. The consistency did more than to help me get better technically, it also made me want to test and push things beyond what I was comfortable doing. It made me confront the weakness in my drawing as well as my tendency to rush to the finish instead of slowing down to observe and learn. If I was not committed to drawing everyday I may have go…

Gouache Painting Videos

Gouache Self Portrait done in my Stillman and Birm 9" X 12" Delta Series sketchbook.

I recorded the progress of the painting in the videos below.

Gouache Paintings

It's been sometime since I posted something on this blog, but although I have been negligent here I have been at work everyday trying to improve my painting and drawing skills.

It sounds funny to me to say that because it would seem that one would just have to do the thing whether it is drawing or painting. But improving the skills mean more than just putting pencil or brush to paper. It means observing and thinking and being disciplined in keeping to a schedule. There is a devotion that is taking place that requires daily activity and direction. By direction I mean that I just don't approach the time spent aimlessly but try to make the current work better than the last, lessons learned carry over in to the next work.

There is also time spent looking at art. Learning and appreciating the work of other artist past and present.

There is a lot to occupy me but I still have to get back to this blog and share that experience.

You can also catch more work on my YouTube channel Link

How to Make A Digital Drawing Look Traditional

Below is a video I posted demonstrating how to make a digital pencil drawing look like it was drawn using traditional media.

WIP and 45 Minute Sketch

Spending a longer time doing these gouache paintings in my sketchbook. Initially I started doing this with the idea of just getting done what I can within that lunch hour. Now I work on something over a period of days until I am satisfied with the finish painting. I either continue on it the next day or take it home and work on it.

The painting on the left is something I've been working on for some time now, I think going on three days and I am still not finished. The one underneath it is one that I did in forty five minutes.

Digital Figure Sketches

It's been a busy holiday weekend. Celebrating a 22nd Wedding Anniversary I took my wife out to eat on the night of and then we went out to celebrate with the children the very next day.

I still managed to find the time to do a number of digital figure sketches and some gouache sketches as well.

The images I am posting here are the digital figure sketches I made on Saturday and Sunday.