Monday, May 14, 2018

Art Instruction And Being Influenced By Other Artists

I honestly don't know if anyone can guess who my influences are when they look at my paintings.There are a lot of them but all I can see are the mistakes I make. I wonder if people see those too.

From the time I was in high school I bought art books like I had a habit. I went to museums a lot too. Books were great but nothing beats seeing the actual painting.

For a time, when I was in college I had to deal with instructors who were not interested in the direction a student would choose. I never had anyone of them ask me what I like or if I had an idea of the way I wanted to develop. Instead I remember one time looking through a book on the painter John Singer Sargent as the model was taking a break. The instructor asked me if I liked Sargent's work and I said yes then she just nodded her head and turned away. The next time I came to class she had a handful of xeroxed articles on Sargent. All negative. There were also glowing articles about another painter. One that she liked. This was one of the incidents that convinced me that art college was not for me. I do believe that art instruction is important and should be sought out but one should be able to decide for themselves who to study with. It should be along the lines of what interest's you personally.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel talking about this same topic and a sped up demo of me painting the image above.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Sketch Dump May 11, 2018

This weeks collection of sketches done on my lunch hour at work.

I no longer try to finish these later. These drawings are just what I can get done in that one hour at work. Sometimes I am able to make more than one drawing, other times the drawing winds up being crumbled up and thrown in the trash out of frustration.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Patreon Page

I decided to start a Patreon page. For those that are not familiar with Patreon it is simply a way of putting a tip jar to help support creatives and receive some rewards from the artist as a thank you for the tip. I get to share videos of works in progress allowing you to look over my shoulder as I paint. Similar to what I do on YouTube only here I get to add the rewards as well as build a more personal community of people who are interested in what I do. There are three tiers of donations ranging from $1. to $6. a month and with that the more you give the bigger the rewards monthly. Please give it a look at
This grisaille painting is the first project I am posting on Patreon. It is a portrait of my self as an old pirate


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I forgot How To Paint

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to beat a deadline on an illustration assignment. After that was done I can go back into my personal work and get back into building up my YouTube channel. But what happened instead was that I crashed in to a wall. It seemed as though I forgot how to paint. Everything that I tried to do I struggled with and could not finish or I finished something and then trashed it because it didn't look right to me.

Don't know how or why I hit this block but I felt like I couldn't get anything done. I posted the video below talking about getting through this but on reflection there is one thing I would add to what I said in the video. That would be that I need to get out and paint outdoors, paint from life and not just photos or my imagination. Coming face to face with the subject that I am painting or drawing always seems to help. Even if I am not successful at it I know that I am heading in the right direction as far as building up my skills in observation and translating that in my drawing or painting.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Sketch Dump

I hadn't realized that I did not post at all this week. It's been a busy one because of an illustration assignment that I feel behind on and got very little sleep because of it. Also as a result I got less personal stuff done and whatever was done showed signs of struggle. Not a good week altogether but at least its over. Here are my small batch of sketches for this less than stellar week.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Sketch Dump

Another week gone by, another batch of sketches done both at my lunch hour at work and at home.

I wanted to try the ink brushes in Clip Paint Studio so I used the sketch above to work on the illustration at right.

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a great software especially developed for Comic and Manga artist but is also very useful for professional illustration work.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Drawing / Painting Till You Get It Right

Sometimes I can spend hours on something and no matter what I do I can't get it to look right.

I was never satisfied with how any of these paintings came out. Maybe the problem is that in working with digital media the brushes can simulate the look of traditional media but it's not the same experience. That is to say I know how a brush feels in my hand and have greater control of the brush and the medium because I can, to a certain extent anticipate how the tools will behave on paper or canvas. But with digital media I am using a pen on a clear glass (or plastic) surface and no matter what comes out on the computer screen or tablet it's not going to feel the same. It's just a simulation.

But every media has it's challenges, something you have to get used to and it's one's ability to draw and paint that makes all the difference in the end result.